Weed Control Services in Winnipeg MB

Weed Control Services in Winnipeg.

Is Your Lawn Or Garden Being Overrun With Weeds?
We specialize in regular weed control programs.

Weeds are an eye-sore in your lawn and garden areas and they create additional maintenance requirements and expense, especially when they are allowed to get out of control.  Don't let your beautiful lawn or garden get taken over by weeds this year!

Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd.  Is a full service lawn, garden, and property maintenance company based out of Winnipeg, MB.  We specialize in establishing regular invasive weed control programs for residential and commercial properties throughout Winnipeg.

Our Weed Removal & Control Programs


$159 Package Price
  • 2 Broadcast Weed Control Applications
  • Automated Online Billing
  • Open Contracts


$210 Package Price
  • 3 Broadcast Weed Control Applications
  • Automated Online Billing
  • Open Contracts


$260 Package Price
  • 4 Broadcast Weed Control Applications
  • Automated Online Billing
  • Open Contracts

Diamond Plus

$300 Package Price
  • 5 Broadcast Weed Control Applications
  • Automated Online Billing
  • Open Contracts

Our Prices Are Based On An Average Sized 2000 Sq Ft Lawn Area.
Your Lawn Might Be More or Less.

What Types Of Weeds Can We Remove and Control?

There are a variety of different invasive weeds throughout Manitoba and the Winnipeg area for a complete listing along with detailed information on the species of weed you can visit the Manitoba Government Website Here.  We can provide weed control services that can tackle most of them either by pulling and removing by hand or using sprays.

American Dragonhead
Annual Sowthistle
Barnyard Grass
Bladder Campion
Broad-Leaved Plantain
Canada Thistle
Common Burdock
Common Groundsel
Common Milkweed
Cow Cockle
Curled Dock
Diffuse Knapweed

Foxtail Barley
Green Foxtail
Lamb's Quarters
Leafy Spurge
Narrow-Leaved Hawk's Beard
Night-Flowering Catchfly
Nodding Thistle
Perennial Sowthistle
Pineapple Weed
Prostrate Knotweed
Red Root Pigweed
Round-Leaved Mallow

Russian Thistle
Scentless Chamomile
Shepherd's Purse
Stork's Bill
Volunteer Barley
Volunteer Canola
Volunteer Flax
Volunteer Wheat
White Cockle
Wild Buckwheat
Wild Mustard
Wild Oats
Yellow Foxtail
Yellow Nutsedge

Why Choose Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. For Weed Control Services in Winnipeg, MB?

Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd.When you choose Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. to provide your weed control services in Winnipeg you are partnering with a team of professionals who will care for and maintain your property as if it were our own.  You can count on great communication, reliable service, and fair prices.

Our team takes great pride in the work they do and we listen to the needs of each and every customer as no two properties are alike.  You can count on real solutions to your invasive weed problems.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for weed control services from Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. please give us a call (204) 202-6939 or send us an email through our contact form and we’ll get right back to you. 

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